Monday, February 8, 2010

So What Do We Have Here?

As promised, here are the details of what we have planted and what has started growing!

We planted the following seeds in our seed-starting plastic greenhouses:
12 pellets bell pepper mix
12 pellets banana peppers
12 pellets hot pepper mix
12 pellets tomatoes
12 pellets radishes
12 pellets cucumbers
12 pellets sugar snap peas
6 pellets green snap beans
6 pellets yellow wax beans
6 pellets yellow onion
6 pellets green onion

We also bought small peat pots to start some of the plants in and they are planted as follows:
4 pots sugar snap peas
4 pots green snap beans
4 pots yellow wax beans
4 pots yellow onions
6 pots green onions

And last but not least, we purchased a window-box to grow our salad greens and planted two rows of spinach in one half, and two rows of a lettuce blend in the other.

Our estimated cost so far is $92 for soil, seeds and containers.

Now to the good stuff, our planting successes!

11 of our twelve cucumber pellets sprouted strongly and are now out of the greenhouse and on the windowsill.  Soon we will have to cut off all but one sprout in each pellet, but the Contained Gardener and I are having a hard time committing herbicide!

1 of the bell pepper pellets is showing signs of a sprout: just a tiny nub of white-green showing.  We are very excited for this because they were planted in the earlier round with the cucumbers and this is the first sign of life out of them!  One of our hot pepper pellets is also showing signs of life, a small frilled nub is poking through the dirt.

There is a slight web covering the tops of three of our green onion pellets (we aren't sure if this is a good or bad thing), but one of them is starting to show signs of a sprout coming up.

There are seeds being pushed out of the dirt in two of our yellow wax bean pellets and five of the green snap bean ones!  We also have one green snap bean sprout in a peat pot.

We have 8 strong sugar snap pea sprouts, including one that is trying to grow out of the side of the pellet! We also have sprouts growing in all four of the peat pots with peas.

All 12 of our radish pellets have beautiful sprouts growing, those will need to be moved to the windowsill soon!

We also have two small lettuce sprouts in our window-box!

We are hoping to plant our herb planter this afternoon with chives, cilantro, parsley and basil.

Okay, there are all the gory details!  Pictures still to come!

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